About LASER (Learning About Safety by Experiencing Risk)

LASER (Learning About Safety by Experiencing Risk)The LASER project began at RoSPA in April 1999 and was funded by the Department of Health with the ultimate aim to establish good practice guidelines for interactive safety education schemes. The project had three main aims:

  1. to set up a database and conduct an audit of all LASER schemes for children running throughout England
  2. to develop a common evaluation tool for all LASER schemes
  3. to produce some good practice guidelines for LASER schemes

In 2005 further funding was received from the Department of Health to undertake a programme of voluntary accreditation for permanent safety centres and annual events. The first centre to be accredited was in Bristol, in June 2007.

Informed by its members, it also provided a general meeting place where new and established LASER practitioners could connect for advice on:

Funding from the Department of Health for LASER ended in March 2011. Visit the archived website.