About CSEC (Child Safety Education Coalition)

CSEC (Child Safety Education Coalition)In 2008, the DfE (formerly the Department for Children, Schools and Families – DCSF) awarded a grant to create the Child Safety Education Coalition (CSEC). Given that the DfE's remit was limited to England, CSEC had to be similarly constrained – much to the frustration of onlookers from other Home Nations. Unfortunately and in the context of the perilous state of the UK's public finances, the grant funding was ended on 31st December 2010.

CSEC members were able to:

There was considerable interest and enthusiasm for the work of both LASER and CSEC in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Without the Government-imposed geographic restrictions, LASER Alliance will be free to work throughout the UK.

RoSPA is committed to the cause of practical safety education and remains prepared to continue to support these organisations through maintaining the website, sharing effective practice, continuing regular communication with members, supporting network meetings, training and LASER accreditation. Visit the archived website.

Independent Evaluation

A key component of the programme of work for CSEC was an independent evaluation by the University of Nottingham (PDF 2.07Mb).

The report provides a sound foundation for the work of LASER Alliance to build on with conclusions that highlight the main attractions for the members (from their feedback to a survey) including:

The recommendations also include the challenge to build on and publicise the 10 Principles of Safety Education more widely.