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The Alliance is hosted by RoSPA with a remit of supporting members who are committed to helping people learn how to make responsible decisions about safety and risk.

Our members range from individuals to large organisations across the UK, but the underlying ethos is to promote learning about safety by experiencing risk.

Our mantra - "as safe as necessary not as safe as possible" - is tempered to acknowledge the fact that some degree of risk-taking is an important part of life. Without learning to safely manage risks our children and young people cannot fulfil their full potential and as adults, may never realise their dreams.

Gas Safety Trust

If you are interested in joining the Alliance, click on the Join LASER Alliance button, submit your details and we will be in touch.

LASER Alliance Annual Meeting - February 20, 2014

Watch a recap of the keynotes and workshops at the LASER Alliance Annual Conference held at Safeside at Eastside in February.

Regional Champions

  1. London
  2. South East
  3. South
  4. South West
  5. Wales
  6. West Midlands
  7. East
  8. East Midlands
  9. North and North East
  10. North West
  11. Scotland
  12. Northern Ireland

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